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70 Percent of Local Business Owners Market on Facebook… Not!

On March 1, 2011, a popular public relations website posted an article based on previously published research, claiming “70 percent of local-business owners market on Facebook.” The headline was shocking, the content equally bold, and the dialog that followed typical of the hype surrounding social media. Read more

Optimism Doesn’t Pay the Bills

Did you ever notice how often business people trot out opinion surveys as if they were plausible grounds for forecasting? “Our customers tell us they intend to spend more on equipment in 2012… Human Resource managers say they expect hiring to increase in coming months… The majority of professional fundraisers believe the recent slowdown in giving will turn around sharply next year… 72% of admissions counselors surveyed are anticipating a spike in enrollment, based on continued job insecurity…” And on the basis of statistics like these, we are supposed to make business decisions. Really?
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MarketPoint Receives National WBE Certification

Baltimore-based consulting firm MarketPoint LLC announced, today, that it has received national WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Read more