Seth Godin We Are All Weird

Why You Should Read Seth Godin’s Latest Book (We Are All Weird)

I don’t mind admitting it – I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. So, when he announced his new book We Are All Weird in his September 21 blog post, I immediately bought the hardcover. Read more

Ending the War over Social Media Marketing Governance

What follows (all in the space of 500 words) are three interesting stories. The first two are closely interwoven; the third seems unrelated. Together, they span thousands of years. And while each is fascinating in its own right, when seen as one, they provide a solution to the war of governance over social media marketing.
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social media give and take

Social Media for Business is about Giving, not Taking

Many organizations – and particularly businesses – still look at social media and wonder, “Where’s the value?” From their perspective, social media fails to deliver the goods. And the bad news is, from their perspective, it probably always will – because the question “What can I get out of social media?” misses the very point of social media.
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Communications Problems

Weighing the Impact of Delivery on Deliverables

I began my career as a newspaper journalist, far from the glamour and lights of the CNN anchor desk. There, with the guidance of more experienced writers and editors, I learned to write compelling stories – stories that not only informed but captivated readers, giving them something to talk about, something to think about, and occasionally something to act upon. At the paper, brevity and facts were my deliverables. Life was simple.
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