Profit Euros Money

A Business Marketer’s Guide to Profits (or, “How to Satisfy your CEO”)

A few years back, a young Marketing VP confided, “My first year on the job, I lowered our production costs, reduced our dependence on outside services, improved our mail and email response rates, and turned around a departmental morale problem, only to be chided by the CEO, at my year-end review…”
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Kevlar vest

Cover Yourself in KEVLAR

This blog entry is dedicated to Nancy James, who specifically asked us to write a short post, for a change…

I had the good fortune to speak at the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations in Baltimore, this week, and between sessions, one attendee asked if there was a winning formula for writing acceptance speeches for leaders who have just taken over departments or companies. When I got back to the office, I spent several hours searching, and finding none, devised the following:
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brand culture compass

The Role of Culture in Brand

If we have a mantra at MarketPoint, it’s this: In order for a brand to succeed, it has to be authentic, transaction-worthy and sustainable. By “authentic,” we mean the brand must be consistent with the values, the purpose, and actions of the organization. “Transaction-worthy,” of course, implies that the brand must offer genuine value in context of the market’s needs and desires. And “sustainability” requires that the organization is committed to delivering on the brand promise at every touch-point in the customer experience.
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