Kevlar vest

Cover Yourself in KEVLAR

This blog entry is dedicated to Nancy James, who specifically asked us to write a short post, for a change…

I had the good fortune to speak at the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations in Baltimore, this week, and between sessions, one attendee asked if there was a winning formula for writing acceptance speeches for leaders who have just taken over departments or companies. When I got back to the office, I spent several hours searching, and finding none, devised the following:

  • Kindness: Speak well of your predecessors or vanquished opponents.
  • Enthusiasm: Show your audience how excited you are about the opportunity.
  • Vision: Demonstrate that you deserve the appointment by sharing your vision for the organization.
  • Love: Let them know you love your job, and why.
  • Appreciation: Thank them for the opportunity to lead, and thank the people responsible for your appointment.
  • Respect: Above all, demonstrate respect for all people – your coworkers, your organization, your allies and your adversaries.

In short, KEVLAR. Cover yourself in it, and you’re more likely to be bullet-proof.