Customer Service – It’s All in the Name

Sixty years ago, my father had an insurance agent named Jack Josephson. Jack was the embodiment of customer service. He answered his own phone, spoke in simple terms, told the truth, and would drop anything he was doing to respond to a client with a claim. Jack was a good guy in an age of good guys – but since good guys were everywhere in the ‘50s, he went pretty much unnoticed. Jack worked for Prudential, the “Rock-of-Gibraltar” company. It seemed to fit. Jack was always there, never changing, solid. He was an honor to the brand he served. I remember the day I learned that Jack had died. And though I never really knew him personally, I felt like I had lost a part of my childhood.
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The 494th Anniversary of the Birth of Social Media Marketing

Recently, my business partner and I had the good fortune to speak at the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations conference in Baltimore. And between sessions, one of the attendees approached us and asked when we thought social media marketing began. The obvious answers, of course, were (1) social media marketing has been around since the beginning of society, only in different forms than the current digital form; and (2) its current iteration can be traced to 1987, when Rick Adams launched UUNET, the first commercial internet service provider, offering Usenet feeds, email services and public digital bulletin boards. But both of those answers seemed to fall somewhere between disingenuous and hollow.
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You Had to Be There - Rome

Let’s call it the “You had to be there” factor

It should be the difference between attending a live presentation and simply being handed over a document to read.  But, unfortunately, for just about every business presentation, there is no difference.  And that’s a problem.
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Cern Neutrino

Faster than the Speed of Light

Well, this changes everything. The BBC reported, this week, that Scientists have successfully repeated an experiment in which neutrinos have been recorded traveling faster than the speed of light. The full scientific report, submitted to the Journal of High Energy Physics, is currently being reviewed by the scientific community.
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