You Had to Be There - Rome

Let’s call it the “You had to be there” factor

It should be the difference between attending a live presentation and simply being handed over a document to read.  But, unfortunately, for just about every business presentation, there is no difference.  And that’s a problem.

Recently, I traveled to Rome to work with three senior vice presidents of a large multi-national corporation.  To tens of thousands of employees all over the world, these smart and successful gentlemen are responsible for explaining the company’s business development strategies in order to drive sales and increase profits.

I asked them why they thought they were flown across Europe, to Asia, to Africa to America to personally present information that could more easily and more affordably be delivered by pushing the SEND button.   They admitted they had never thought of it like that before.

We examined their slide-decks.  Filled with words, charts, and graphs, the slides were not augmenting the presentations, they were the presentations.  But people, whether employees or clients, sitting in an audience at a presentation come hoping for something more.  Something engaging.   Something anecdotal.  Perhaps, dare I say it, something human?!

Simplify your slides.  Take the stage and motivate your audience yourself.  By taking the opportunity to give your audience that something extra, your presentation will become more memorable, more effective. That is the difference that inspires people.

Don’t give your audience a book when they came for a movie.


MarketPoint associate Gina London is an Emmy award winning veteran CNN correspondent and anchor who provides presentation and media training for executives, politicos and thought leaders.