Promises Implied and Promises Bought

Have you ever noticed how the words “imply” and “infer” often (if not usually) carry a negative connotation?

“Are you implying that I…” she said, indignantly.

“Certainly not! You may have inferred that, but it was not at all what I was saying!” he responded.

The problem becomes more obvious (and more complex) in a marketing context. In fact, it sometimes constitutes grounds for litigation. “Your Honor, the makers of this ladder clearly implied, in their literature, that the ladder would be safe if…” And the rest belongs in a television courtroom. Read more

A Long Tale of Long Tails

If you stopped by today’s blog, expecting your weekly dose of marketing wisdom, you may have come to the wrong place.
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Presentation Tips from a 4-Year-Old

You’re an executive. You engage successfully with colleagues, employee, and clients every day. So what in the world could you possibly learn from my four-year-old daughter, Lulu?
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A Customer’s Perspective on Engagement

When was the last time you actually walked into your bank branch? Something has changed. And it feels a little creepy.

For several years, I’ve had a business account with SunTrust. When I first opened the account, I was introduced to several of the local branch managers. My business account manager helped me evaluate options for the firm and offered to be a resource as we grew. It felt good. He knew me by name, and it stayed that way until he transferred to take a promotion at a larger branch. Over time, of course, tellers came and went – which is pretty much what you might expect from a bank, where employees have to act and dress as if they were paid twice what they are actually paid. So, I wasn’t surprised by the spinning Rolodex of happy faces. Read more