Social Networking and Thin Clients

(This article was previously published on as “Feeling a Bit Gooey Lately? You May be Suffering from Thin Contacts”)

You’ve probably heard the term “thin client.” Simply put, a thin client is a computer or workstation with limited functionality, designed to be dependent on a network server. In a thin-client network, most of the “heavy lifting,” including storage, computation, and even the operating system itself, is provided by the server, while the thin client provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that enables the user to interact with the system. Thin client solutions are very popular because they provide low-cost workstations, require little maintenance, and are naturally theft resistant (because they have little value on their own). On the other hand, thin clients have no value to the user, independent of their network function. Read more

Undo! Undo! – Disruptive Technology and the Problem with Prophecy

Did you ever wish you could “take something back”? You know, like that comment you made at the Holiday party, when you didn’t know your boss was standing right behind you? Or the email that started out as a joke but ended up in the HR office? No, of course not. Smart people don’t do that sort of thing. Or maybe they do…
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When Social Media Accounts Collide

Here’s a great idea. Let’s link our social media accounts together, so when we have something brilliant to say, all of our friends will benefit from our comments. On the surface, that may seem to make sense. It certainly appeals to our egos, and it promises to extend our social reach. But there are networks, and then there are networks.
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Brand Loyalty Isn’t Lost; It’s Hiding

There’s a great new ad on TV. It’s’s “Five-Man Search” campaign. A man sits on a sofa, connected to four cardboard dummies, who (because they are connected to him with poles) mimic his every move. If you haven’t seen it, go find it now.
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