All in a Word

Words are powerful things. We count on them to convey meaning. And sometimes they do their job too well.

Just last month, an former colleague told me how proud she was that she was tolerant of a young man I admire.

“Tolerant?” I asked. “What does that mean, exactly?” Read more

Managing ROI with Trade Shows and Conferences

If you manage marketing in the B2B world, it’s almost impossible to escape responsibility for spearheading your company’s participation in industry events. And if your CEO is a stickler for ROI (and most B2B CEOs are), you’re probably tired of justifying the high cost of attendance. …particularly when the only thing you have to show for your investment is a stack of dog-eared business cards and a pile of bar receipts.
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Anticipating the Cost of a Product Launch

One of the questions we field regularly from CEOs is “How much should it cost, as a percent of revenue, to launch a product, successfully?”

The question, itself, is completely legitimate. It’s imperative for anyone who brings a new product or service to market to have a predetermined “point of no return” – even if you willingly ignore that marker, when you actually hit it. Read more

Anything Worth Doing

For years (3 in one industry and 9 in another), I worked side by side – even partnered – with a very wise businessman: two Master’s degrees from Columbia, a serial entrepreneur, and a sensible economist. One day, he said something that made every hair on the back of my neck stand up. It really bothered me. In fact, it flew in the face of everything I held dear.
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