An Interview with Bruce Cakebread

In the four decades since Jack Cakebread began making wine, Cakebread Cellars has established its position among the finest wines in America. Recently, MarketPoint asked Bruce Cakebread, the company’s President and COO, to share his views on the Cakebread brand.
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Meet the First Lady of Social Media

Those who are faithful readers of this blog know that we are not prone to trivialities.

But in a week that saw Facebook go public and Zuckerberg get married, we just had to wonder what stories lay quiet in the backwaters… And there we found 27-year-old Priscilla Chan. Read more

New Business Model for Facebook?

Buried in the technology section of today’s BBC Online is an article entitled “Facebook tests ‘pay to promote post” tool. “Can’t be!” you say? Read on…
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The Brand Management Decision Tree

One of the challenges associated with operating a consulting firm in a mid-sized market is that people start to learn your schtick. And occasionally, when we’re out on the town, someone will walk up to us and ask, with a grin, “Do I really need a brand management strategy?” So, to simplify the answer as much as possible, we’ve put together a little decision tree, which we encourage you to download and keep handy.
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