Goldman on Brand: an Interview with the TeaEO of Honest Tea

In the 14 years since Seth Goldman co-founded the company with Yale professor Barry Nalebuff, Honest Tea has grown from humble beginnings to become the first organic and fair trade brand to move into the mainstream beverage distribution system. During the past 10 years the company has posted a double-digit (66%) annual compound growth rate, capitalizing on consumers’ shift toward healthier and more sustainable diets. Recently, MarketPoint met with Goldman, to learn how his brand played a role in the company’s success.
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4 Reasons Why Training Sales People is Less Effective than Managing Them Well

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Countless books have been written, extolling the virtues of sales training. All of them miss the point. Companies’ sales efforts fail, not so much because their sales people don’t know how to sell, but because they’re not being well managed. Read more

Facebook Advertising: Sometimes, When You Get There, There Isn’t Any There There

We confess: we often swim against the tide. And, no doubt, we’ll be skewered by every ad agency rep who reads this post. But the time has come to ask B2B marketers, “So who’s in charge of your advertising budget – you or that pimply kid from the ad agency?”
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