Definitely Worth a Look

Just yesterday, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I came across a comment, written by someone I have never met. In fact, we’ve never even spoken or exchanged email.

All her comment said was, “definitely worth a look.”

What made her comment so compelling was hat it appeared on the page of a very close friend – a professional whose opinion I value highly. And by extension, any comment made by a friend of my friend must have merit. So I clicked.

I can’t begin to describe for you the level of disappointment I felt, after spending three minutes on a YouTube video with absolutely no redeeming value.

And that’s when I realized: it’s hard to over-estimate the power of social media.

Had the comment been included in an unsolicited email, or appeared on a banner ad, or even been made by a relative (sorry), I would have ignored it. But it was made by a friend of my friend, and that gave it credibility.

That’s the power of social media. It’s not enough that your friend thinks something is important, but even a friend of your friend has influence. Dangerous power, if not recognized.