Getty is making great images available royalty free

Use Getty Images FREE (non-commercial applications only)

This is HUGE. Getty, the world’s mega-repository of commercial images, adds an “embed” option, enabling bloggers and other non-commercial users to incorporate Getty-managed commercial images in their NON-COMMERCIAL work (e.g., as illustrations in blogs, but not in ads or emails that intend to sell or build brand, etc.). Now, even Tiger Woods isn’t safe!

The company hopes to generate revenue by facilitating your blog readers’ decisions to use the same photo for commercial use. Essentially, they’re granting you non-commercial usage rights in exchange for access to your networks as distribution channels to reach potential buyers. Very clever. And very big news for bloggers and other non-commercial users. Read more from Businessweek, or visit the Getty web page, here. Call one of us if you have questions.