Brands like Nike have tremendous equity

Brand by the Numbers

Some brands we love, some we hate… and most we wouldn’t miss if they went away. But every one of them – even the most obscure – has equity. Yes, brand is worth real money. In fact, the top ten brands have values that can be measured in the tens of Billions of dollars.

Strangely, many business executives fail to manage their brands, focusing only on their organizations’ size or revenue. And if they are not carefully managed, brands erode, and may even evolve into something quite ugly.

Just a few examples of brand debacles broadcast and rebroadcast on YouTube (to tens of thousands of viewers) include Comcast’s disconnect call, “United Breaks Guitars,” Tim Armstrong Fires Patch Employee During National Conference Call, and the classic AOL Refuses to Cancel a Subscriber.

How do we move our customers (and our employees) along the continuum from brand awareness through brand engagement and brand loyalty, to become brand zealots? It’s a structured and deliberate journey, for sure. And it’s one that MarketPoint has specialized in for more nearly 15 years.

Check out our infographic, Brand by the Numbers, for a quick overview of the value of American brands. You may be surprised by the numbers.