Four identical white bicycles showing no innovations since the 1970s

Innovation at Home and Abroad

Picture a map of the world. Now think of the word “innovation.” Does one country stand out? Most Americans consider the United States the world leader. But the facts on this Innovation Infographic say otherwise.

According to the Global Innovation Index, a joint project of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Cornell University, and global graduate school INSEAD, the United States ranks fifth on the leaderboard of innovation, behind Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. And if you find that surprising, you’ll be amazed to learn that Japan didn’t even rank among the top 10.

With most executives believing innovation is vital to success, companies are building initiatives on every front, partnering with customers, suppliers, academics, and even their own competitors.

Millennials place an unprecedented value on innovation, with two-thirds naming it a key factor in their choice of workplaces. Yet despite the growing need for young talent, less than one in five companies believe their strategies are delivering a competitive advantage.

How does your organization stack up? Check out our Innovation Infographic to learn more.