Laura Pasternak to Speak at SMPS Event in New York

MarketPoint Principal Laura Pasternak will be a featured panelist at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) event, Iron Marketer, in New York City, on February 18. The event explores the role of research in developing satisfying business relationships. Read more

familiar echoes of partisan bickering

Familiar Echoes

In business, the space between sales and marketing is often filled with familiar echoes and empty talk. On one side of the aisle, marketing “professionals” level scorn on sales folk, claiming they are pompous, overpaid, unable to uncover the simplest of client needs, and unreceptive to much-needed marketing advice. On the other side, sales “professionals” rail against their marketing counterparts, calling them naive, unaccountable myth-promoters, who should just shut up and do their job, generating leads. Read more