Hiring infographic

Infographic – Hiring: A Game of Cat and Mouse – 2016 July

This MarketPoint infographic explores the challenges employers face as they screen, interview and select candidates – and reports statistics on resume fabrications, background checks, pre-employment testing, wait times and more. All sources cited.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Whitepaper

Whitepaper – Mergers & Acquisitions 2016 June

Every year, global M&A deals register in the trillions of dollars — in fact, their total value is greater than the annual U.S. Federal budget. This whitepaper takes a close look at the deals that made up 2015 and adds context to the M&A landscape. But 80% of M&A deals fail. So if you’re thinking about playing this risky game, you might want to start by reading our whitepaper. Includes illustrations from the infographic. All sources cited.
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