Thank You

The 2018 MarketPoint Thanksgiving Quiz

Saying “please” and “thank you” seems to be a lost art. At least that’s the conclusion you might have drawn, had you joined us for Halloween. Children wandered up and down the sidewalks, barely making eye contact with one another – some talking on their smartphones, some listening to music through their earbuds – and as they stuffed treats into their plastic pumpkins and trick-or-treat bags, less than half bothered to say, “thank you.”

For 18 years, MarketPoint has marked the end of the year with holiday greetings, from printed cards to e-cards, to infographics and short videos – simply to say thank you for playing your part in this firm’s success. And throughout those years, so many of you have sent back warm wishes.

This year we’ve decided to reinvest the money that would have been spent on greetings by doubling our Corporate Social Responsibility contribution in honor of our clients and friends.

But we still want to say thank you for the faith you continue to place in MarketPoint, and we want to encourage you to take a little personal time, for fun and for sharing.

So, we put together a no-cost gift – a simple quiz to test your knowledge about the great American tradition we call “Thanksgiving.” We hope you’ll take three minutes for a little fun and then share the fun with a friend or co-worker. But most of all, we just want to say, “Thank you.”