2020 Presentation Topics

MarketPoint principals Laura Pasternak and Michael Zimmerman speak regularly at industry conferences and events, as well as regional colleges and universities. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a speaking engagement. Our current list of available presentations includes:

Branding: The Whole Picture – This presentation provides a window into the complex concept of Brand, explaining why organizations shift brand strategies and how they go astray in the process. It continues with an 8-step process to organizational (re)branding, and concludes with an explanation of MarketPoint’s Three Guiding Principles and the new cultural imperative. Ideal for undergraduates and local entrepreneurs. (50 minutes, plus Q&A)

Six-Cylinder Marketing – This presentation, designed exclusively for Chief Executive Officers, provides a comprehensive overview of the six competencies organizations should expect from their marketing departments. All participants receive hand-outs, including a checklist of detailed questions to ask their senior marketing executive (COM/VPM) and a scoring mechanism to help them determine their organizational preparedness for effective marketing. Ideal for mid-sized and larger businesses, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations. (90 minutes, plus Q&A)

Blue Ocean Strategy – Designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, this introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy explains the underlying logic of Kim and Mauborgne’s groundbreaking theory and presents several examples of Blue Oceans that launched new industries or simply extended existing ones. It also offers two examples of local companies who successfully entered Blue Oceans and built multi-million-dollar global icons. (50 minutes, plus Q&A)

Challenger Brands – Working from the framework presented by Adam Morgan in his seminal book Eating the Big Fish, this presentation walks through the “8 Credos” of Challenger Brands, revealing the secret to successfully challenging the market leader. It concludes with an exercise in which the class takes on a consumer icon brand, building a strategy for competition and mindshare dominance. We recommend against having students read the book in advance of the class, as this lecture is self-contained. (60 minutes)

Conducting Focus Groups – Originally developed for the Maryland Council of Community College Public Relations Officers, this presentation explains the advantages of in-person and online focus groups, as well as when not to use focus groups. Attendees cover a step-by-step process for planning and executing focus groups by either modality and gain perspective on current best practices, including a discussion of social media as a possible modality. Perfect for undergraduates or as an introduction for non-marketing graduate students. (50 minutes, plus Q&A)