Joy Levin

Senior Research Consultant

Joy Levin has managed all phases of studies and research activities including strategic formulation and development, selection of analytical methodology, research design, field activity oversight, data interpretation and analysis, and results presentation. She has experience with qualitative methods, including focus groups (both live and online) as well as quantitative techniques (phone-, paper-, and web-based). Her research experience spans a broad spectrum of topics including concept testing, branding, consumer dynamics, demographic and psychographic segmentation, market share, loyalty, customer satisfaction, membership assessments, product testing, industry/market overviews, and trial/repeat purchasing. She is fluent in various quantitative methodologies including simple and multiple regression, significance testing, conjoint analysis, TURF, perceptual mapping, chi-squared testing, cluster analysis and descriptive statistical measurement.

Joy’s work spans multiple industries, including telecommunications, associations, travel, retail, public sector, non-profit, financial services, and technology. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Boston University, and serves on the board of the Baltimore chapter of the American Marketing Association.