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Presentation Tips from a 4-Year-Old

You’re an executive. You engage successfully with colleagues, employee, and clients every day. So what in the world could you possibly learn from my four-year-old daughter, Lulu?

But Seriously, Folks

The question I asked was, “What were the defining qualities of the best business presenter you ever saw?” Without hesitation, the German executive I was working with gave me this quick list: Energy Enthusiasm Rapport

Let’s call it the “You had to be there” factor

It should be the difference between attending a live presentation and simply being handed over a document to read.  But, unfortunately, for just about every business presentation, there is no difference.  And that’s a problem.

Weighing the Impact of Delivery on Deliverables

I began my career as a newspaper journalist, far from the glamour and lights of the CNN anchor desk. There, with the guidance of more experienced writers and editors, I learned to write compelling stories – stories that not only informed but captivated readers, giving them something to talk about, something to think about, and […]