Do You Have What it Takes to Make Partner?

It’s not a question we can answer for you. You’ll have to decide for yourself. But if you’re looking for a small, well-established consultancy that’s focused on client development and project outcome, you just might be a match for MarketPoint.

Still pondering? Then let us suggest a few questions you can ask yourself:

    • Are you a change agent? Can you prove it?
    • Do you have excellent communication skills (as both a writer and a public speaker)?
    • Have you spent at least five years in the C-suite?
    • Can you demonstrate success in a turn-around situation?
    • Do you have hands-on experience managing Brand?
    • Do you believe that Marketing is responsible for the revenue line (and not just communications)?
    • Have you successfully re-engineered operational business processes?
    • Would you prefer working with partners at your own, high level of experience?
    • Is your experience base broad enough to consult at the C-level?
    • Do you have a self-sustaining book of business and a strong professional network?
    • Could you offer your accounts more, as part of a team?
    • If you answered “yes” to more than half of these questions, we should probably talk.

You’ll find that things are different, here. We don’t measure success by annual billings, or by the name recognition of our clients, or by the number of partners in the firm. We measure success by the positive outcomes of each engagement. Does that describe you, too? Then call us.

A Word from the Principals

If you have talent, drive, and a commitment to continual improvement, we’d really like to see you join the team. So read the position descriptions carefully and please follow instructions. Applicants without a current resume (and portfolio link, if you’re in design or video) will be rejected. Please respect our time by not calling our office. If you have submitted a resume and cover letter, you will get a response by email, whether yes or no. If you do not get a chance to interview, we apologize – but we receive a lot of inquiries. Please don’t get discouraged; if you are rejected for one job, you may be qualified for another position in the future. Above all, don’t ever settle for a job you don’t want (even here): It will only stifle your spirit. Best of luck in your pursuit!