Marketing Overview

Loosely stated, marketing is about controlling perception and generating response. In the business-to-business environment, response is ultimately measured in terms of relationships and revenue. In the education market, response may be indicated by enrollment or fundraising. For non-profit organizations, response may be measurable through donations or an increase in volunteerism.

At MarketPoint, we help organizations define objectives and manage outcomes in all areas of marketing, from identifying the organization’s brand essence to achieving revenue, membership, enrollment or awareness objectives through traditional marketing channels, public relations management, digital marketing, social media, and guerrilla marketing techniques.

For those of you who are more familiar with McCarthy’s classic “4 Ps” taxonomy, they would include:

    • Product Development: needs analysis, by target group; perception studies (current and prospective members or customers); sizing and ranking potential markets; competitive analysis; organizational SWOT analysis; target market values analysis; product/service design and re-engineering; modeling (product/service design validation)
    • Pricing: base pricing; pricing strategies; promotional pricing
    • Promotion: positioning; logos and taglines; collateral development; communications and advertising campaign development; employee communications; public relations; email marketing; Google AdWords; banner advertising; pay-per-click (PPC) advertising; social media, guerrilla marketing and viral attempts
    • Placement: geographic and vertical market selection; direct sales integration; communicating with distributors and channel members; customer service and support messaging

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