Interim Marketing Management and Outsourcing at All Levels

MarketPoint can provide marketing leadership for your organization on an interim basis (e.g., affording you the time to find exactly the right fit, after losing a VP Marketing or department manager) or on a longer-term basis (e.g., by outsourcing the position with a full-time or fractional senior executive).

Our interim management and outsourcing solutions offer organizations several benefits, among them:

    • greater flexibility as your marketing needs evolve
    • improved efficiencies, gained through access to more experienced leadership
    • improved ROI, both through improved efficiencies and by gaining access to C-suite talent at a fraction of full-time cost
    • continuity of service during periods of changing personnel
    • opportunities to leverage specialists on a temporary fractional basis, rather than full-time
    • ability to augment the skill sets of your in-house staff, with limited exposure or risk
    • access to insight, experiences and best practices from outside your industry
    • unbiased observations and recommendations

Engagements typically start with a 2-day needs assessment of the current marketing situation, during which time we identify key issues and opportunities, and develop recommendations for improving the organization’s marketing approach.

Interim Marketing Management

Interim solutions are custom-designed to help organizations keep their marketing efforts moving, in times of transition, giving CEOs and HR executives the necessary time to recruit senior-level talent with the skills and management style that fit their organization’s unique profile.

Outsourcing Your Marketing

MarketPoint’s staff provide access to senior-level thinking at a fraction of the cost of adding a new employee. All of our consultants have held executive-level positions inside organizations. We can fill senior- or mid-level marketing management positions, for any length of time (from a 2-month engagement to a permanent arrangement), bringing the skills and experience to move quickly and effectively, providing actionable plans and ensuring timely completion of open projects.


MarketPoint helped us better understand our professional development and training market, and gain better insights into customer perceptions and our market position. We were so pleased that we extended our consulting agreement, which gave us more time to recruit and onboard a permanent senior marketing officer – who benefitted greatly from the strategies they developed while managing our team and our marketing efforts through the transition.

MarketPoint helped us navigate through a perfect storm. They were direct and time sensitive – with a great sense of humor thrown in! If I had to give advice to another CEO facing the same challenge, I could only say, “Get help sooner rather than later!”

We didn’t have the internal resources to create the messaging and execute it properly. MarketPoint helped guide us through the process by engaging us in working sessions, identifying key issues and developing talking points to ensure our messaging was tight and our external communications were clear, concise and consistent across the board.

MarketPoint brings a real energy to their projects. They can come in and gauge the room and are able to fit that culture immediately. It has inspired us to bring that same quality to our customers.