Living the Brand

The best branding efforts can’t be successful unless the values of the organization are reflected in the work of its people. Because brand doesn’t happen in the marketing department; it happens in every interaction with every customer. And your most valuable assets – your employees – must be well-trained in articulating and delivering on your brand. That’s “living the brand.”

MarketPoint works with customers to build brand throughout the organization, by connecting the dots between employee behaviors and brand. We help organizations develop brand-positive behaviors and train employees to live the brand.

Any organization can take steps to promote brand-positive interactions with customers – and even between employees:

    • Develop an organizational philosophy and articulate it internally
    • Let your customers know what you value. (It helps set a benchmark for employee behavior.)
    • Develop a communications plan to reinforce your brand among employees
    • Consider rewards program that promote brand-positive behaviors
    • Monitor your behaviors (internal and external) for brand effect
    • Empower employees to challenge brand-damaging behavior
    • Lead your organization by example
    • Implement brand guidelines (not just graphic standards) that communicate the organization’s brand essence, brand promise, core values, and key messages
    • Understand and address cultural differences in the organization and in the marketplace. (Pay close attention to an increasingly diverse workforce and the expectations of global markets.)

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When we have a question or hit a speed bump, MarketPoint is available and responsive in guiding us through it.

MarketPoint provided interim management while we dealt with some instability and turnover in the Marketing department. Outsourcing on an interim basis enabled us to stabilize our marketing function, establish a baseline, reassess our needs, and establish a sustainable balance of internal leadership and outsourced services.

MarketPoint is smart enough to recognize that there are core issues at the heart of any business regardless of whether it’s a club, a law firm, a technology company or a health care organization, and they understand that face-to-face communication often yields the best results and breeds greater camaraderie.

MarketPoint was easy to work with, and made the research process fun and collaborative.