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Why MarketPoint?

Since 2000, MarketPoint has helped Business-to-Business, Education, and Nonprofit organizations improve communications and drive revenue, by providing detailed and actionable research, reliable counsel, and interim & outsourced marketing services. Our methods are proven, our business principles sound, and our conduct ethical.

We perform solid market research and provide candid and diligent brand and marketing counsel that empowers clients to better understand their markets, reposition their organizations, launch new products, penetrate new markets, build brand equity, foster brand-positive behavior throughout the organization, rebuild troubled or underachieving marketing departments, and address broader organizational challenges.

MarketPoint’s consultants average more than 25 years’ business experience and have demonstrated real-world brand and marketing success. We integrate with organizations’ existing marketing departments and vendors and maintain an agnostic approach to suppliers and producers. This enables us to provide unbiased counsel in matters of marketing, communications and organizational brand.