Interim Marketing Management

Hiring the wrong senior marketing manager can have a lasting negative effect on revenues. Unfortunately, in their quest to fill the position quickly, many companies end up choosing “the best of what’s available” rather than taking the time to find exactly the right fit.

MarketPoint offers interim marketing management solutions that can be custom-tailored to your organization’s situation. Our senior executives have the skills and experience to provide the leadership your organization needs, whether it’s…

    • Stepping in to facilitate completion of open projects
    • Reducing the backlog of work in progress
    • Managing agencies, freelancers, and other production vendors
    • Maintaining (or creating) a flow of information to the marketplace
    • Producing collateral, social media, public information, and digital information
    • Creating meaningful metrics and producing clear reports
    • Streamlining production and clarifying responsibilities
    • Restoring balance and productivity to your marketing department
    • Improving accountability and lowering turnaround times
    • Refocusing your marketing efforts on revenue production
    • Uncovering opportunities to communicate more clearly and drive revenue

What’s more, our Interim Marketing solutions give you access to a cadre of professional marketers, each skilled in different disciplines, including market research, social media marketing, public relations, guerilla marketing, copywriting, blogging, and much more.

How it works

A typical Interim Marketing engagement may include regular strategic meetings, one or more on-site days each week, and virtually unlimited access via phone and email. This interim, outsourced model offers clients the advantage of having a senior level marketing person available to keep work moving, answer questions, weigh in on ideas and provide feedback – all to ensure you have the time to make the right hiring solution.

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MarketPoint stepped in at a critical point in time; we had lost both our Marketing Director and our Promotions Specialist within weeks of each other. They helped us navigate through a perfect storm – and come out the other end in good form.

We engaged MarketPoint on a 90-day agreement, thinking we could rebuild our Marketing department quickly. But it took us longer than we expected to define roles and identify the best candidates. MarketPoint remained very flexible and hung in with us, providing guidance and giving us the time to get it right. Ultimately, their flexibility allowed us to achieve a successful outcome and begin growing our business again.

Enrollment and revenues had fallen sharply before MarketPoint arrived, but in less than three months, they helped us recover the shortfall. Throughout that summer, they revamped our email campaigns, improving open and click-through rates, and led a market segmentation initiative, developing a message map for each of our major markets.

MarketPoint has been a great marketing partner for STUDIOS: taking the time to understand us, helping us get closer to our clients, providing invaluable market research and intelligence, positioning us to penetrate new markets and facilitate growth, pushing us to improve our communications strategy…and all while working with multiple constituencies in our New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Paris offices. It’s tough to meet our expectations at STUDIOS, but their commitment and attention to detail has earned our respect since 2007.

MarketPoint helped us stop and take the time to be more insightful. They are very present and very positive. Consequently, they helped us to focus on our internal dynamics, so that we could grow, and do so in a thoughtful and cost-efficient way.