When someone says “communications,” what comes to mind? For organizations, the term conjures many images…

Online Meetings and Video Presentations

Remember when communication was a simple as sticking your head in someone’s office and asking a quick question? Or walking into a client location with a box of donuts? Well, those days are gone – at least for now. In a post-COVID world, business communication takes place in webinars, on GoToMeeting®, or ‎Zoom® calls, or BlueJeans®. Instead of a human, you’re staring at a camera (or worse yet, your screen). Suddenly, the only people qualified to communicate are newscasters. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. MarketPoint offers online presentation training modules for our clients, whether individually or in groups (much higher ROI for you!), to train your people to hold meetings, make client presentations, even speak at conferences, with poise and confidence. We work with professionals who speak to the camera for a living – and have developed a system that’s sure to leave most people feeling comfortable online. Call or email us for more information.

Marketing Communications

MarketPoints principals have managed marketing communications for decades, at companies with revenues from $20 Million to $450 Million. Unlike most consultants, we built our careers on the client’s side of the desk (not only with agencies), so we know what works, first-hand. We’re eager to put that experience to work for you, from designing marcomm plans to managing social media; from writing web copy to coordinating business pitches. We develop communication plans that are both integrated and tactically sound. We help clients develop clear message platforms and articulate them effectively to each target market. We identify client needs and map messages to each target audience. And we incorporate metrics whenever they are meaningful.

Employee Communications

Keeping everyone aligned in an organization has always been a challenge – even before COVID. We can help your organization communicate your mission, your business objectives, your values, your cultural expectations and more, in terms that everyone can understand… internalize… and live every day.

Everything Else You Need to Better Communicate

From the initial communications strategy to developing a detailed and segmented message plan, or to training key executives on the communications skills they need to work with their Boards, their staff, and the public — we’re here for you, every step of the way. Call or email us today.


MarketPoint worked with us to create a comprehensive outreach strategy in support of the development and rollout of a new Streamside Assistance Program. Not only did they help us understand the needs of our market through market research and build an integrated communications plan, they encouraged us to carefully define the program’s goals and provided a disciplined approach that ensured we met them. In fact, we exceeded them in some areas.

MarketPoint brings a combination of knowledge and perspective; they advise based on research; they listen, communicate and collaborate. Their strategies and creative work are grounded in research. They educate as they advise but also listen carefully to me and to my internal clients and stakeholders. They are true partners who have gained the respect of our alumni, faculty, institutional leaders, students, and employers.

We didn’t have the internal resources to create the messaging and execute it properly. MarketPoint helped guide us through the process by engaging us in working sessions, identifying key issues and developing talking points to ensure our messaging was tight and our external communications were clear, concise and consistent across the board.

MarketPoint’s suggestions…serve as a solid guideline for refining our message and tactics to more effectively reach our target audiences. They’ve also enabled us to prioritize and implement them internally.