Message Therapy® – Presentation Training

Sometimes, the development of the message isn’t the problem – it’s the delivery that needs work, and you just need a little presentation training. (Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about being in front of the news camera, or facing a large group of distinguished peers.)

That’s why MarketPoint has developed a Message Therapy program for executives – a series of presentation training and media-management coaching workshops specially designed for senior managers.

Message Therapy offers group and one-on-one training for executives and rising leaders. Training can be compressed into one afternoon, or spread over multiple days or weeks. MarketPoint’s senior communications consultants deliver comprehensive programs customized to your situation.

Planning a merger or acquisition? Need to announce a reorganization? Looking to upgrade your team’s presentation delivery? Handling a media storm? Anticipating a product announcement? Want confidential coaching with employee communications? Message Therapy can help.

Programs may include:

    • Development of key messages and talking points (for ready-reference)
    • Presentation training, including content review and feedback
    • Storytelling (to help convey your message)
    • Role playing (to gain confidence in speaking situations)
    • Media Interview training and coaching (to learn to handle tough questions with confidence)

Sessions can be delivered:

    • In the comfort of your own offices
    • At a confidential third-party facility
    • Virtually, using web-based technology
    • In a retreat setting (such as a golf club or spa, over several days)

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When we have a question or hit a speed bump, MarketPoint is available and responsive in guiding us through it.

MarketPoint provided interim management while we dealt with some instability and turnover in the Marketing department. Outsourcing on an interim basis enabled us to stabilize our marketing function, establish a baseline, reassess our needs, and establish a sustainable balance of internal leadership and outsourced services.

MarketPoint is smart enough to recognize that there are core issues at the heart of any business regardless of whether it’s a club, a law firm, a technology company or a health care organization, and they understand that face-to-face communication often yields the best results and breeds greater camaraderie.

MarketPoint was easy to work with, and made the research process fun and collaborative.