Building Successful Marketing Plans

Successful marketing requires careful planning. But how much planning is appropriate?

Some managers spend so much time developing their marketing plans that they lose valuable time. They may miss their window of opportunity, completely forfeiting market position to competitors. Others rush to market with ill-conceived or poorly positioned products and fail.

The key to success is to tailor your marketing plan to the situation. MarketPoint leverages reason and discipline to advance clients’ marketing efforts without stifling momentum:

    • We help clients quickly assess their situation, analyzing internal and external factors that will affect success.
    • We choose analytical frameworks appropriate to each client’s situation, including 5Cs, PEST, SWOT, and AUDIO analysis.
    • We develop marketing strategies, mapping messages to targeted markets.
    • We give preference to market segments that are differentiable, substantial, accessible, and durable; and we favor targets with an appropriate mix criteria, including size, growth rate, competition, buyer loyalty, share availability, break even cost, revenue potential, and profit potential.
    • We develop marketing communications plans that are actionable, iterative and responsive to market changes.
    • And we advocate continual improvement and adaptation.

Our work is marked with a bias towards action and results. We maintain close contact with clients through implementation, providing quarterly reviews to ensure all involved parties are performing according to plan, and that plans are updated as conditions change.

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Laura is easy to work with, extremely intelligent and — most importantly — capable of developing a marketing plan which will help any business reach its goals. Her unique combination of marketing ‘know-how’ and creativity make her a perfect partner for any organization.

Laura and Mike bring very different perspectives on brand and marketing, but they’re equally committed and energetic. Seeing our organization from both of their perspectives was helpful. I’m not aware of any other team that could carry their water bucket!

MarketPoint made this process painless. Our management was so impressed with the efficiency of MarketPoint’s plan that they quickly moved to put it into action.

MarketPoint’s principals bring a unique perspective to marketing and branding projects. They don’t specialize in one industry, so they don’t have any preconceived notions about what the market wants. Their research painted a clear picture of the needs and values of our members. And the recommendations they provided drew on best practices they’ve learned from their work with clients in several industries. They challenged some long-standing assumptions, here. But in the long run, they helped us build even stronger relationships with our members.