Message Therapy®

Let’s face it: we are all in the business of communication.

From the CEO of a public company, to the Executive Director of a nonprofit… from the President of a university to the marketing director of a large corporation, or an entrepreneur seeking funding for a new venture… we are only as effective as our ability to communicate.

But none of us goes through life without communication challenges.

Sometimes the problem is the message itself. Sometimes, the message seems fine, but the audience just doesn’t respond. And sometimes, we leave a meeting or a presentation with that sinking feeling that our delivery came up short.

The answer for each of these challenges is Message Therapy®.

MarketPoint delivers Message Therapy two ways.

    1. The first is a marketing service that analyzes your audience and your message and repairs the shortfall in your messaging.
    2. The second is a highly personalized training program designed to give the busy executive proven techniques to build skills and confidence to deliver messages more effectively.

So, no matter what’s causing your communications challenges, there’s a form of Message Therapy that’s right for you. Choose below to learn more:

Message Therapy – Fixing the Message

Message Therapy – Training for the Busy Executive


Laura is easy to work with, extremely intelligent and — most importantly — capable of developing a marketing plan which will help any business reach its goals. Her unique combination of marketing ‘know-how’ and creativity make her a perfect partner for any organization.

MarketPoint listens well. They are great at extracting the key bits of information vital to formulating a marketing strategy.

MarketPoint asks the tough questions necessary to drive one’s business. They don’t let incomplete answers go by, and that’s important in achieving growth today.

MarketPoint helped us better understand our professional development and training market, and gain better insights into customer perceptions and our market position. We were so pleased that we extended our consulting agreement, which gave us more time to recruit and onboard a permanent senior marketing officer – who benefitted greatly from the strategies they developed while managing our team and our marketing efforts through the transition.