Outsourced Marketing Management

Small-to-mid-sized organizations often find themselves at a competitive disadvantage with respect to marketing leadership. Strategic planning and revenue-generating initiatives require a higher level of skill or experience than their marketing manager brings. This creates a dilemma: They can bring on the high-level talent they need and stress their budgets; or struggle with the talent already on board and risk making the wrong decisions.

An outsourced marketing solution affords you access to higher level management talent than you could afford to employ internally – sometimes at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a similarly skilled, full-time employee – and allows you to build your internal team with specialists practicing within their core competency.

Larger organizations may also benefit from outsourced marketing. Instead of incurring the costs associated with full-time employees (salaries, benefits, equipment and software, training and much more), organizations that outsource gain access to experienced senior marketing managers and technically qualified support staff through a simple and flexible agreement.

A Better Resource for Proven Talent

MarketPoint’s senior executives have the skills and experience to provide the leadership your organization needs, including:

    • Providing strategy and direction at the C-suite level
    • Improving production efficiencies and lowering costs
    • Refocusing your marketing efforts on revenue production
    • Creating meaningful metrics and reports and improving accountability
    • Managing customer engagement and ensuring a positive customer experience
    • Establishing departmental systems and processes
    • Developing and implementing a marketing plan
    • Shepherding a product launch
    • Reorganizing or restoring balance to your marketing department
    • Re-thinking your communications channels and vehicles
    • Leading multi-disciplinary initiatives
    • Preparing and delivering Board-level presentations
    • and much more…

Each Outsourced Marketing arrangement is structured to match the client’s unique situation and may include one or more onsite days per week, regularly scheduled strategic calls, and virtually unlimited access via phone and email.

What’s more, outsourcing with MarketPoint gives you access to a cadre of professional marketers, each skilled in different disciplines, including market research, social media marketing, public relations, guerilla marketing, copywriting, blogging, and more.

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I was surprised how nimble and quick reacting they were. After just one meeting, they had a great grasp of our industry and the uniqueness of the situation we were facing. Their action-oriented approach delivered quick results. We just didn’t expect to have so much fun in the process!

If your Marketing department is in transition, MarketPoint can provide the talent and the resources to keep you going, while you focus on (re)building an internal unit that suits your organization’s unique needs. These guys bring more than interim strategy and management; they come with sleeves rolled up and a mission to work themselves out of a job!

Enrollment and revenues had fallen sharply before MarketPoint arrived, but in less than three months, they helped us recover the shortfall. Throughout that summer, they revamped our email campaigns, improving open and click-through rates, and led a market segmentation initiative, developing a message map for each of our major markets.

MarketPoint encouraged us to carefully define the program’s goals and provided a disciplined approach that ensured we met them. In fact, we exceeded them in some areas.

MarketPoint brings a real energy to their projects. They can come in and gauge the room and are able to fit that culture immediately. It has inspired us to bring that same quality to our customers.