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Old-School SEO for Print Collateral (and more)

We rediscovered an interesting article recently, in which Jeffrey Cohen, Managing Editor of SocialMediaB2B.com, encouraged readers to begin integrating SEO keywords into copy intended for non-internet publication (print brochures, catalogs, customer support, human resources, and even finance). He cited two reasons for this ostensibly unorthodox use of SEO: (1) because much of the copy you write for traditional (non-web) distribution will eventually end up on the web anyway, as a scannable PDF, and (2) because using keywords in all of your communications encourages your customers to associate those words with your organization. Fair enough. And while we agree, in principle, with his recommendation, we have to wonder…
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Abiline Paradox canstockphoto28878900

The Communication Paradox

Since childhood, we have been told to build our vocabularies, learn to spell, watch our syntax, imagine what our audience is hearing, speak and write with conviction – and that if we do these things, we will be more effective communicators. We try, in earnest, to learn our lessons, to follow the rules, and to focus on our language, yet we repeatedly fail to communicate. Why?
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