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Brand and the Disgruntled-Customer Effect

Today, telecom providers spend millions of dollars developing and promoting their brands. Over time, their investments burn brand-positive images on the mind of their consumers. Let’s say that one of those consumers – we’ll call him “Joe” – is driving his kids to school, when a white utility van cuts into his lane, forcing him […]

A Plan for the Brand During Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger can be one of the most challenging transitions for an organization. And even more so for a communications professional tasked with navigating branding decisions. In my recent article written for and published in the July-August issue of Communication World, the official magazine of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), I’ve outlined the […]

Goldman on Brand: an Interview with the TeaEO of Honest Tea

In the 14 years since Seth Goldman co-founded the company with Yale professor Barry Nalebuff, Honest Tea has grown from humble beginnings to become the first organic and fair trade brand to move into the mainstream beverage distribution system. During the past 10 years the company has posted a double-digit (66%) annual compound growth rate, […]

An Interview with Bruce Cakebread

In the four decades since Jack Cakebread began making wine, Cakebread Cellars has established its position among the finest wines in America. Recently, MarketPoint asked Bruce Cakebread, the company’s President and COO, to share his views on the Cakebread brand.

Skills, Drills, and Teamwork – More Musings from the Basketball Court

As the NBA championship game approaches, we find ourselves musing, once again, on the relationship between branding and roundball. Like we said last week, teamwork is essential to victory. But so are the fundamentals. So let’s take a brief time-out to draw a few parallels between the basketball fundamentals and building a winning brand:

Michael Jordan: Branding Guru

Great brands, like great basketball teams, are built on cooperation and a commitment to mutual success. And both can be shattered by the actions of just one player. In basketball, five individuals work as one unit to drive a 9-inch ball down a 94-foot court and place it through an 18-inch hoop ten feet in […]