Resolve to Audit Your Brand

It’s time for the fourth and final New Year’s resolution designed for organizations who want to drastically improve their marketing efforts.  So here it is:  Audit your brand.
Surprisingly, most businesses are unable to articulate their brand essence.  Many have no well-defined position.  And some have no USP at all.  Still, they go on, believing they are focused on the behaviors that generate revenue.

But think about this:  If you can’t clearly define your point of distinction, what makes you think your customers can?

Now is the perfect time to find out what your customers think of your brand.  It’s the perfect time to confirm whether your brand essence is congruent with the needs and values of your marketplace.  And it’s the perfect time to adjust your position in support of your selling effort.

Take a walk around your organization.  Listen to the interactions among your employees… and between your employees and your customers.  Do your organizational behaviors manifest your brand?  They can.  Talk to someone with experience promoting brand-positive behavior among employees.  The dividends can be huge.