STUDIOS Architecture

STUDIOS Architecture is an international design practice with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, and Paris. For 25 years, the firm has offered comprehensive services, including architecture, interiors, master planning, strategic consulting, and environmental graphics and design.

STUDIOS originally engaged MarketPoint in 2007 to help the staff undergo the process of recommitting to its vision and redefining practices areas (Workplace, Mixed-Use and Civic & Institutional) to better align with this vision. We met with the CEO, principals and associate principals, both one-on-one and in small group settings, to develop profiles for each of the three practice areas, detailing the type of work STUDIOS would practice within each area, as well as market differentiators, key market segments, and buyer profiles (values and needs). Additionally, we developed and mapped messages to each of the target market segments and identified examples that supported STUDIOS’ “world-class” position in each practice area. The outcome of this work was presented to the firm’s principals and then adopted firm-wide.

Understanding Perceptions and Identifying Gaps

While adopting the new practice area framework, STUDIOS recognized a need to improve its understanding of how the firm was perceived in the marketplace, specifically within its U.S. East Coast division. Working with the New York and Washington, DC offices, MarketPoint conducted market research among the firm’s key market segments to determine how the firm was perceived, explore effectiveness of the firm’s communications initiatives, define the values and needs of key audience groups, uncover discrepancies in brand perception, and identify opportunities to strengthen the STUDIOS brand.

Armed with a better understanding of the needs and perceptions of the market, we led the STUDIOS team through the process of developing a three-year marketing plan for the East Coast Division, including a detailed 12-month promotional plan to support its 2009-2010 goals. Working closely with the CEO and key principals, we evaluated and refined the business development process. We also participated in the interview process for new business development staff, both in NYC and DC, and made recommendations to the CEO regarding brand alignment with the firm.

A Stronger STUDIOS Brand

Today, the firm communicates a clearly defined message to the market and continues to execute on its marketing plan, building brand awareness for its world-class projects around the globe.